We are Hiring!

Welcome to Royal Dream Realty,

         Built by Realtors, and in the business to empower Agents and Brokers!


At Royal Dream we are always growing, creating, adapting, connecting and developing ways to build an Edge-of-the-Market Team of Agents and Brokers to offer the best quality Real Estate Services in the region.

We are seeking dynamic and innovative individuals to join our team and contribute to our growth and success in this exciting  industry.


Broker -Agent Commission Split and Referral Program.

This program was created to help agents and associated brokers  to capitalize more from each deal. There are no hiding fees, and all the following benefits are included in our program.

☺ Training and Transaction Assistance For New Agents.
☺ (E&O) Errors and Omissions
☺ Lead Management System with Website and IDX Integration.
☺ Agent’s WEBSITE with IDX Integration.
☺ On Site Office | Computers | E-Fax | Printers …
☺ Virtual Office Available ( Work From Home Flexibility*)
☺ Escrow Account Available
☺ MLS Training
☺ Advertising and Marketing Training
☺ Free Notary Public Services Onsite
☺ Receptionist | Conference Room | Free Parking
☺ Office Access 24/7/365 with Electronic Entry System
☺ Unlimited Coffee – Tea – Hot Chocolate Onsite

The Support you need for almost no cost!

Whether you are a New or an Experienced Agent, we will offer you a professional environment where you can grow your business and have access to a Top-of-the-Maket brokerage system that will be available for one of the lowest Commission Split Programs in the industry.

The Referral Program!

You can also make extra profit by building Your Team.
Simple,  when you refer  an agent to our Brokerage we will list it under Your Team, this way you will start earning from 1 %  to  3 %  commission when they close any deals.

How does it look in numbers for me?
It actually looks great for you!
Imagine you are Agent A, then in the below listed picture you can appreciate 3  samples of our Commission Split Program for Agents and Brokers.
*Feel free to contact us with your questions about this programs.


 ***Teamwork from the team that works, because we are Selling solutions, not promises… Join The Team Now!




Author: royaldreamrealty

Our mission statement: "To provide an excellent service to all clients, empowering our team, for a better community." Our vision statement: "Our vision is to become the most efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy team of real estate agents and brokers in our communities, to help our clients achieve their goals in a effective and convenient manner."

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